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Focuser Boss II with Posi Drive motor vs Robo Focus

August 24, 2016

I get asked a lot to compare our products vs another manufactured product.   As an employee of Starlight Instruments which is the manufacture of the Feather Touch focusers, of course I am a little biased.  For this reason I contacted 2 astronomers and let them test and compare the Focuser Boss II with PDMS motor and the Robo Focus.  Below are their comments:

The Posi Drive has

  1. Low backlash makes for more repeatable focuser positions, which leads to more accurate autofocus.
  2. Higher quality components.
  3. More torque/carrying capacity means less slippage with heavy cameras or high targets… see #1 for implications.
  4. Robofocus is still a 9-pin serial solution, if you want USB/Ethernet/WiFi they need  the Focuser Boss II

Your primary market was making a better focuser, but the automation solutions weren’t the same quality as your focuser , so you designed an electronics solution to go with a motorized option which now gives the astronomer the best of both worlds.

Below is the comment from the 2nd astronomer:

No slipping! Smoother operation.  Easier to disengage for visual or manual focus.  No serial cable or adapter to use.  Better control software.

And a big plus particularly is the built in temperature readout and temperature compensation which is very useful for the slow to cool telescopes.

I currently use the Posi on a TEC140, AT 10” RC, and soon my Epsilon 160.  All which had the robofocus before.

If interested, please feel free to contact me regarding other manufactured comparisons to products from Starlight Instruments.


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